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Laubenthal, Sibyl

Laubenthal, Sibyl

Sibyl Laubenthal
Coffee / Tea Service, six cups/saucers, creamer.

“Sibyl Laubental (common misspelling: Laubenthal) was an adept potter who is revered for her contributions to the beginnings of pottery in Alberta. Laubental and her husband, architect Charles Launbental, immigrated to Edmonton in the spring of 1952. Her proficiencies as a potter were immediately recognized and she was asked to teach at the Edmonton Potter’s Guild. Prior to coming to Canada, Laubental had apprenticed for two years in an Italian workshop and spent six years working alongside skilled German potter, Jan Bontjes van Beek. Laubental’s students flourished under her tutelage, and many became professionals with their own pottery studios. As Laubental’s artistic career progressed, she went on to teach several courses at the Banff School of Fine Arts, as well as the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Alberta. Each of Laubentals’ pieces are unique and individualistic, as there are no two pieces alike in her collection. Laubental focused primarily on the form of her work, and believed that glazes and decorations should not distract from the anatomy of piece, but rather enhance it. Her work was displayed in exhibitions across Canada and the United States, and she was also the first Canadian potter to win international recognition for her work. Laubental was an impeccable technician, and through her passion for teaching, she directly or indirectly influenced the skillset of most Albertan potters. ” from https://hermis.alberta.ca/afa/Details.aspx?ObjectID=1981.144.001&dv=True

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Grove, Helga and Jan

Grove, Helga and Jan

Grove Pottery,
Victoria, Canada
3 x 4 Inches
Set of Six coffee mugs

Victoria, BC, Canada


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