I have a great appreciation for original art, however not the budget.   I collect original art whenever I can at thrift stores, garage sales and those odd little shops no one considers going into to find quality pieces of art. Occasionally the artist is known however, more often than not, the artist’s name is indecipherable or difficult to track down. Unfortunately their history and their stories remain silent which is unfortunate considering the  quality of their work and their obvious passion for their particular art form.This blog, Potsherds,  was created to compliment my other blog, artdiscarded (https://artdicarded.wordpress.com/), which focuses more on other forms of art.

Potsherds reflects the little bits of pottery remaining after a piece of pottery has been broken.  Fortunately these pieces are still complete, even if they had been “thrown away” by their original owners.

I hope to find out more about these artists by posting their art and their names.  Perhaps they will look up their name and see their art in this gallery, perhaps it is someone else who also appreciates their work.  If you know something about the artist, are the artist and can provide information or a link it would be greatly appreciated.   I’ll include links to known artists where possible.

The vast majority of art found on this site is from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where I reside.

Each piece has a code which indicates where the piece was purchased, how much it was purchased for and when it was purchased.  For example:  GW20150199 indicates a piece was purchased at GW in 2015 for $1.99.

You can find the store code on the page, “Finding Pottery in and around Edmonton”



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