Untitled 162

Seras, Eija

Seras, Eija

Eija Seras
Windsor, Ontario CANADA

Ceramic Inuit Figures. 3.5 x 1

Please leave a comment especially if you have information on this piece of art or the artist.


5 thoughts on “Untitled 162

  1. Hello,

    These figurines were made by Eija Seras from her home workshop in Windsor Ontario Canada in the early 1970’s. I used to help her make them when I was about 15 years old.
    All of the masters were created by her and plaster moulds of each figurine were made. My job was to take a small lump of clay and use the mold to press out raw figurines one by one.
    She had many figures – enough to create entire sets of chess pieces of Inuit figures. One “side” was made out of red clay and the other from white clay. After I pressed out the figurines, she would trim and clean up each figurine by hand and fire them in one of her kilns. She then glazed them each with a brush by hand and refire them. She supplied quite a few galleries or stores worldwide. I lost touch with her when she moved from Windsor.
    Hope this helps…..




  2. Submitted on 2014/08/29 at 2:18 am | In reply to petri Toiviainen.

    I worked for her when she lived in Toronto on mount pleasant avenue. Same system, I pressed the clay figurines in the molds and another girl would paint then until they were fired in the kiln. I was 14 years old and made $3.85 an hour,
    Sometimes when we were bored, we would create our own original figurines, substituting animal heads for eskimo heads (inuit now) or making 3 headed figures where there should have been only two…..etc. It killed the boredom.


  3. Submitted on 2014/08/29 at 2:30 am

    She sold chess sets with a leather board at the united nations building in new York city. We pressed 5-10 chess sets each week in Toronto, as well as hundreds of her other designs.


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